marsh mural - sue


In addition to continued work on the key priorities from the previous term, I am committed to focussing on these important city-building initiatives:
• PUBLIC SAFETY — crime prevention and road safety
• PUBLIC TRANSIT — improved frequency and better connections
• VALUE FOR SERVICE — reviewing city services and keeping property taxes in check
• PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT — continually seeking input on policies, bylaws and development projects


Celebrating  Together


I was so pleased to help launch the annual Canada Day Together Festival in 2016 and serve as the festival's Honourary Chair.  This gathering has brought the community together to celebrate our unity as Canadians even as we appreciate and honour our diverse backgrounds and cultures.  The festival has grown each year and has quickly become a signature event in the city and a traditional day-out for residents living both nearby and further away.

I strongly support and encourage these types of gatherings and smaller neighbourhood socials and block parties as a way to build community, get to know those living around you, and enjoy this beautiful part of our city together.